Fuel Your EV, Fuel Your Life TM

EV Concierge is here to partner with you to design and deploy the most efficient EV charging solution in Knoxville. We work hand-in-hand with you to create the best level 2 EV charging solution based on your needs and requirements as a homeowner, condo, apartment complex, business, university, or public entity. Our team will create a business case enabling you to make the best decision based on real customer requirements, information/data, and financial inputs. Our mission is to be at the forefront of the EV revolution, enabling convenience, freedom, enjoyment, and value.

  1. ‘Convenience’ of charging
  2. ‘Freedom’ from range anxiety
  3. ‘Enjoyment’ through enhanced driving experience
  4. ‘Value’ through reduced vehicle operating costs
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Why EV Concierge?

What sets us Apart as your Level 2
Charging Station Partner?

Professional & Experienced team

Our team of experienced professionals are EV users with years of experience utilizing public and private EV charging. We know the ins and outs of EV charging.

Connected into EV Community & Industry

Our team of experienced professionals participate in into the local, regional, and national EV communities, organizations, and industries.  We know what’s going on with EVs and bring this to our clients and partnerships.

No Charge Consultation

Our relationship always starts with a no-cost consultation!

Mission & vision

Our Mission & Vision is to Charge America to Fuel Your EV & Fuel Your Life TM

Our mission at EV Concierge is to ‘charge America’ and enable effective rollout, use, and enjoyment of electric vehicles. EVs are an exciting mode of transportation blending the ultimate technology with your driving experience. Our vision at EV Concierge is focused on making the charging experience more flexible than stopping at a gas station to fill up your internal combustion engine vehicle. We strive to enhance the EV user experience.

  1. Make the EV charging experience as easy and efficient as possible
  2. Enable EV charging ‘everywhere’ to eliminate range anxiety 
  3. Understand the financial benefit for EV ownership
  4. Understand the ins and outs of EV operation