Knoxville Best Home EV Charger Installers at Your Service

At The Concierge EV, we specialize in providing top-notch home EV car charger installation in Knoxville that caters to your electric vehicle charging needs. Each aspect of our service is designed to improve your experience as an EV owner.

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Why Choose Our Residential EV Charger Installation in Knoxville?

If you're looking for a reliable crew to install an electric vehicle charger, look no further than The concierge EV! We are the best residential EV charger installer in Tennessee for the following reasons:

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Consult and Advise on EV Charging Station
Needs & Requirements

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Design Charging Solution, Operating Model,
& Business Case

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Custom Solutions

Manage End-to-End Implementation of
Charging Solution

Where We focus

Our Options for EV Charging Stations
for Business in TN.

Level 1 Charging Stations


    • Affordable and Eco-Friendly Charging
    • Simple installation at any location
    • Energy efficiency, even on normal power grids.

Level 2 Charging Stations


    • A Quicker Full-Charge for Your EV
    • Available for both residential and commercial use
    • Customizable charging times and scheduling

Level 3 Charging Stations


    • High charging speeds
    • Best commercial charging stations
    • Future proof solution for evolving technologies

Public Level 2 outdoor charging

Private Level 2 garage charging


Residential Level 2 Charging


  1. Adding 15 to 50 miles of drive per hour charge in your EV.
  2. Available for homes, apartments, businesses, offices, complexes, malls etc.

Residential and Commercial EV Charging Station Installation Knoxville!

Your Location Our Installation!

Personal Residence

  1. Power efficiency and easy charging.
  2. Outdoor or Indoor charging station.
  3. Connected with the power grid of the house.
  4. Creative design aesthetics to match the look of your house.

Apartments & Condos

  1. On-site EV charger for the whole community.
  2. Design that stands out and is easily identifiable.
  3. Paid or community-sponsored station maintenance.
  4. Singular or multiple installations for the same complex.

Businesses & Public

  1. Install EV chargers for commercial use.
  2. Install in public or commercial areas.
  3. Generate revenue through public use.
  4. Singular or multiple charging station installation.

Our Value Proposition

EV Charger Consultation from
reputable experts

Finding Opportunities for monetizing EV
Charging Stations

Multiple charging levels to suit your needs

Commercial use and easy return on investment

Efficient power utilization and lower utility bills

Guiding new users on how to use EV charging stations